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Oral surgery

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Oral surgery as a dental specialty deals with various surgical procedures inside and outside the oral cavity. Often oral surgical procedures can be performed by your general dentist. Having a tooth extracted is a good example of this. While performing any surgical procedures or for that matter, any dental procedure, maintenance of sterilization is of utmost importance to avoid cross-infection to the patient as well as the dentist. 
At Dhamodhar’s Dental Care Centre, sterilization is given top priority. All the examination, surgical and non-surgical instruments are autoclaved & come in individual pouches untouched by hand to give maximum asepsis. We use the highest quality disposables available in the market. 
The surgeons of Dhamodhar’s Dental Care Centre have collaboration with a wide range of hospitals to render any kind of oral and facial surgeries with the highest precision.

Oral Surgery at Dhamodhar’s Dental Care Centre, includes:
a) Dental Extractions
b) Impactions (Wisdom tooth surgical extraction, impacted canines, the supernumerary tooth)
c) Major and minor Surgical removal of cysts or other growths from the jaws and bone.
d) Bone augmentation and grafting prior to implant placement and for cosmetic enhancement
e) Orthognathic Surgeries (Corrections of mal-aligned teeth and jaws in conjunction with orthodontics)
f) Apicectomies
g) Dental & Facial Implants

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